SCYLLA – a real-time violence detection systemjoins Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT, the leading global startup accelerator program focusing on the wider Smart City Industry. Along with 9 other international startups, SCYLLA will take part in its 2018 program in Amsterdam. 

SCYLLA has taken part in Selection Day on the 29th of May at Startupbootcamp Headquarters in the Netherlands. They went through a rigorous screening and evaluation process in front of 50+ mentors and partners at Startupbootcamp.  Project codename SCYLLA is a real-time human behavior detection system, combined with object classification, used in law enforcement organizations or space and defense sector to identify and predict violent action behavior.

SCYLLA will now go through an intense 3-month acceleration program of workshops, mentor sessions, and events in Amsterdam, starting off on the 2nd of July and ending with the Demo Day in front of 100+ tech influencers, mentors, partners, and investors on 18th of October 2018. They will be mentored by a network of entrepreneurs, top executives, and investors, and will have access to leading corporates in the Netherlands to validate and scale further. They will receive free office space, €15K seed money and support from Startupbootcamp partners, such as Amazon, Cisco, Schiphol, PwC, Unica, Vodafone, and Sandd, as well as extensive Startupbootcamp brand partner deals, and access to a network of Angels and VCs internationally for potential further investments.


The founder and CEO of SCYLLA, Albert Stepanyan believes that there is an enormous impact of SCYLLA on a horrific reality of mass shootings, “I believe SCYLLA will reduce the number of victims in school mass shootings and will at some point predict and identify those who aim to kill innocent people.

Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, Managing Director of the Smart City & IoT program commented: “Solutions of Smart City & IoT are impacting all of us. In our program, we focus on the propositions that are at the intersection of Smart Building & Smart Mobility on one hand, and on Security, Sustainability, and Efficiency on the other hand. The focus is really important since Smart City is a very broad concept. The startups that are selected are using new technologies such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented & Virtual Reality. They are all very enthusiastic and promising teams with all ingredients to achieve more in the next three months. Selected startups will be given opportunities to engage with industry-leading experts and our corporate partners, enabling them to scale their business and become industry-leaders within their field.“

SCYLLA aims to disrupt the physical security industry. We believe it’s time to spice up a very conservative security routine with a high profile AI engine which will reduce the alerting time making it almost immediately and increase the efficiency of response teams.



Founded in 2018  SCYLLA is a real-time human behavior detection system combined with object classification which is used in law enforcement organizations or space and defense sector. SCYLLA is a creature from Old Greek mythology that was protecting the channel from intruders and classifying ships according to behavior and class. The underlying engine of our platform is based on our Deep Content Understanding technology. The AI-based platform comprises a wide combination of Machine Learning methodologies to recognize every visual aspect of the video. The synergistic approach of combining different technologies provides highly accurate results. Scylla is placed on security cameras, surveillance systems or UAVs (military drones) to track, detect, and target human beings who are classified under violence or crime or possess weapons.


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Here are selected 10 Startups:

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Mela Works (United Kingdom)

Presnsr (Finland)

Prognostic (United Kingdom)

Safeguard AI (Netherlands)

SCYLLA-AI (Germany)

SMART-I (Italy)

Tradler (Spain)

TransferHero (Croatia)

Scylla is a modern AI-based protective intelligence suite that enhances operational activities of security departments in the following three main areas:

  1. PTD-preventive threat detection (gun detection, etc.) 
  2. IDS – Intruder Detection System
  3. SSIS-smart suspects identification system (facial recognition, suspect tracking, indoor navigation)

What Scylla does is helping its customers and private security operators in identifying possible acts of violence before they happen, prevent crimes and encourage discipline due to its unique capability of image and facial recognition. This system gives 99% accuracy as a result of which it can drastically reduce response time. The underlying engine of the platform of Scylla is based on Deep Content Understanding technology. The AI-based platform comprises a combination of Machine Learning and Computer Vision methodologies to recognize all visual aspects of the video. 

For more information, please contact Albert Stepanyan.

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Scylla – The world’s best threat detection system!