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COVID-19 Compliance Suite

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Scylla COVID-19 Compliance Suite

Scylla COVID-19 Compliance solution is the all-in-one AI-powered system that helps you implement the required protective measures and maintain safety at work. With the use of latest artificial intelligence and thermal scanning technologies, Scylla supports

Non-invasive thermal scanning

Face mask usage detection

Social distance monitoring

Real-time people counting

Why Choose Scylla

  • Centralized control
  • Integration with innovative MOBOTIX cameras renowned for the German way of engineering hardware
  • Multiple COVID-19 protective measures are monitored within one safety software for your peace of mind

Hardware made in Germany. Software made in Silicon Valley.

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Customer success stories

Scylla Thermal Screening was deployed at various locations of Oman Airports in Oman. The objective was to run temperature checks at the entrance of the facility. The thermal scanning process was expected to be hassle-free, non-contact, and fast. The system was adjusted to the requested alerting/reporting flow.

Scylla Thermal Scanning AI technology was deployed at Legrand facilities in Mexico. The goal was to accurately measure employees’ temperature at the entrance when they report to their duties at the facility. The thermal screening process was required to be non-invasive and fast. The system was integrated with the local attendance reporting system and adjusted to the requested alerting/reporting flow.

The idea is to utilize cameras that have large scale overview on public areas for social rules violation detection enforced by COVID-19 pandemic. Cameras of UAVs, installed on helicopters as well as solid mounted on tall buildings surveying large open air areas are to be used for non-compliance detection. The corresponding alert is to be sent to relevant authorities to take preventive actions. People without facial masks (in places where face mask usage is mandatory in open air) as well as obeying social distancing rules are detected in real-time.

What experts say about mitigating COVID-19

Social distancing should be practiced by all individuals to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Food & drug administration

Fever is the most common symptom among mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.

US Center of disease control

Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4 should avoid making contact with others.

Health & Human Services

The utilization of a facemask and eye protection helps individuals from touching their face.

Mayo Clinic

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