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Thermal screening case study

Legrand Mexico Facilities

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Scylla Thermal Screening deployed at Legrand facilities in Mexico. The objective was to accurately measure employee temperature at the entrance when they report to their duties at the facility. The measurement process was expected to be hassle-free, non-contact and fast. The system was integrated with the local attendance reporting system and adjusted to the requested alerting/reporting flow.


  • To accurately measure human temperature and screen for employees at the Legrand facility in Mexico.
  • To scan and detect elevated body temperature of employees individually at the entrance when they report to their duties at the facility.
  • To do this safely without exposing facility personnel into risk of coming into close contact with potential infected individuals.
  • To detect if social rules - wearing of masks in this case - are observed and report in case of violation.
  • To deliver the violation cases to mobile devices as well as in the form of email reports.
  • To be able to generate reports and statistics based on gathered information.


  • Deployed in 2 factory entrance locations with more than 1500+ employees entering each facility daily.
  • Temperature reading accuracy verified with medical grade hand-held thermometer <0.4 °C.
  • With 1-2 seconds of measurement time per person the solution is causing little to none intervention in the daily routine of working processes.
  • Comes with an easy and clear interface that provides intuitive operation flow, clear alerting and reporting tools and minimal interaction form users.
  • Customizable integration with existing Access Control Systems.
  • We have effectively proven that in Scylla controlled conditions and with Scylla AI calibration the blackbody unit is obsolete.

Customer Testimonial

Steve Liu

Vice President Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing

Country: USA

Company/Organization: Legrand North Central America

Deployment Facility: Legrand Mexico Facilities

Your problem and Scylla’s solution

We have conducted tests alongside other solutions, as well as various handheld thermometers. Overall we are pleased with the performance of the product. We are especially pleased with the service and support from Scylla. Scylla was very supportive in meeting our requirements pertaining to technology, logistics, and product.

Describe specific points you are satisfied with the performance of the software and the relevant features

We like the product because of its: consistency, flexibility, and productivity. We conducted a statistical sampling and comparison of means and determined that the Scylla product correlated with others. We like the Scylla product because of its flexible features and the fact that the product is agnostic to the camera unit. One can customize one’s needs by using either a standard camera or a more sophisticated camera unit. Finally, the Scylla product allows us to be more productive by freeing up manpower that was originally used to manually take temperatures of incoming personnel into our sites.

P.S From Customer - A positive experience endorsement from a Globally respected company such as Legrand is invaluable to gaining confidence from other organizations who may not be familiar with Scylla.

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