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Real-time people counting and occupancy monitoring

Scylla is the all-in-one AI-powered security solution that enables real-time people counting, occupancy monitoring, thermal screening, and safe distancing compliance.

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AI-powered Occupancy Monitoring and People Counter

Maintaining occupancy limits has become one of the essential measures taken up by businesses to curb the spread of COVID-19 and optimize their resources. To protect employees and customers and comply with state regulations, many places are required to control their foot traffic, monitor the maximum occupancy threshold, and ensure safe distancing.

Scylla AI-powered technology ticks all the boxes and allows running real-time people counting and occupancy monitoring efficiently.

Scylla Occupancy Monitoring

  • Set your custom dwell time and occupancy limits
  • Run automated people counting
  • Synchronize and consolidate real-time data from multiple entry and exit points
  • Receive notifications when your occupancy threshold is exceeded
  • Convenient web and mobile app alerting
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Real-time Occupancy Monitoring - Body Temperature Detection System

Scylla Body Temperature Detection System is a powerful AI solution that includes various smart tools working together to take your COVID-19 safety measures to an entirely new level. People counter is an integral part of the system used for occupancy monitoring in real time.

Scylla Body Temperature Detection System solution can be seamlessly integrated with your hardware to ensure automated, high-precision occupancy monitoring at your premises. It is the go-to technology for businesses aiming to maintain COVID-19 safety measures in areas with heavy footfall, especially in retail, catering, education, healthcare, and events industries.

Scylla Body Temperature Detection System Features

  • High-precision targeting system
  • Machine-learning based self-calibration
  • Hardware-claimed accuracy improved by AI-powered analytics
  • Statistical reporting
  • Simple installation and integration
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Thermal scanning

Scylla Thermal Scanner is a high-precision AI solution used for non-invasive temperature monitoring through target screening.

Face mask usage

AI-powered technology is in place to continuously capture and analyze facial masks usage in high-traffic areas and send alerts in case of non-compliance.

Social distancing

Scylla Social Distancing tool ensures that safe distance is maintained among building occupants with the help of our proprietary intrusion detection system.

Occupancy monitoring

Scylla real-time people counting feature is in place to make sure custom occupancy and dwell time limits are not exceeded for the safety of your employees and visitors.

What experts say about mitigating COVID-19

Social distancing should be practiced by all individuals to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Food & drug administration

Fever is the most common symptom among mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.

US Center of disease control

Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4 should avoid making contact with others.

Health & Human Services

The utilization of a facemask and eye protection helps individuals from touching their face.

Mayo Clinic

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