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Alarm Receiving Centres:
Operations, Problems, and Solutions

Alarm Receiving Centres: Operations, Problems, and Solutions

Posted by Albert Stepanyan

Albert Stepanyan

President and CEO at Scylla AI

Alarm receiving centres serve as the first line of defense, effectively detecting and responding to potential physical security threats. However, ARCs face numerous challenges that can hinder their ability to provide efficient and effective services. In this article, we're diving into the world of alarm receiving centres and monitored alarms and exploring the latest technological advancements that are making these systems more efficient and cost-effective.

What is an Alarm Receiving Centre

In simple terms, an alarm receiving centre (ARC) is a central hub that receives signals from monitored alarms and then takes appropriate action in response to those signals. This could involve calling the police or fire department, dispatching a security guard, or even contacting the property owner directly. ARCs are an essential part of any security system and are often used by companies to protect their assets, employees, and customers.

The importance of monitored alarms

Monitored alarms provide a proactive approach to security, which helps prevent potential break-ins, criminal activities, and other security threats. By being connected 24/7 to a remote alarm receiving centre, monitored alarms can provide an immediate response to potential break-ins or criminal activities, protect against fire hazards, and even allow for emergency medical assistance or duress signals to be sent in case of an emergency. This peace of mind is invaluable for property owners and construction site managers alike, and can help to minimize the risk of damage to property and assets, as well as the risk of injury to individuals on the property.

But despite the benefits of monitored alarms, alarm receiving centres do face several common issues that can be solved with technology. One of the biggest issues is the rising cost of minimum wages for both operators and key guards, which can reduce the margin of ARCs. Additionally, the integration of different cameras and bandwidth can also cause problems for ARCs. False alarms and overwhelming data can also be a headache for alarm receiving centres to process.

That's where the latest security technologies come in. AI-powered software platforms can help to automate certain tasks and reduce the dependency on human operators, giving alarm receiving centres the opportunity to scale without increasing their payroll costs. Scylla AI is an intelligent automation platform that uses machine learning and AI to automate alarm-handling processes and reduce false alarms. This not only helps to reduce costs for alarm receiving centres but also helps to improve the efficiency of alarm-handling processes.

Another technological advancement is the use of edge processing devices, which enables alarm receiving centres to process alarms on-site and reduce their reliance on centralized servers. This not only saves bandwidth but also provides remote site access, evidence and snapshot export for the police. And with the integration of mass notification systems like Intrado or Intrepid Networks, and custom endpoint functionality that allows you to dial into the security guard using your native language, the possibilities for streamlining and improving alarm handling processes are endless.

Overall, monitored alarms are an essential component of ensuring security and safety for both property owners and construction sites. The integration of AI-powered video analytics presents a promising solution to overcome security challenges they face. By harnessing the power of technology, alarm receiving centres can seamlessly integrate systems, drive down expenses, and optimize the efficiency of alarm handling procedures. Therefore, it's crucial for property owners and construction site managers to consider investing in monitored alarms to ensure their safety and security.

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