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We aim to make the world a safer place with every solution we offer, and we are looking for partners who share our vision.

Scylla offers a 2 tier Channel Partner Program to potential partners who would like to harness the power of Scylla AI for their customers. We offer all-round support to our distributors and integrators so you can provide a better service to your customers and scale your business with us.


  • Difficult to spot threats taking place if staff are having to monitor multiple cameras or conduct their usual day-to-day activities.
  • Reduces response time by capturing incidents in real-time.
  • Allows security personnel to be more efficient and effective in their job.
  • Automatically grant permissions to people or vehicles that are authorized or revoke access in case of unauthorized entries.
  • Reduce false alarms by analyzing if triggered by a harmless entity such as animal or other object.
  • Facilitates a covid-secure environment, allowing premises to operate safely: spot people not wearing masks, not practicing social distancing or quickly measure body temperature.


% of the revenue generated from Scylla sales

Existing and new VMS systems integration setup

Full demo package provided with in-depth technical and sales training

Possibility to purchase hardware at discounted prices from manufacturers

Increasing clients’ reliance on your service across their organization

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With us, your customers will get real-time protection against all threats and save on average $5000 per camera per month by reducing labor costs and improving every part of their security infrastructure.

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