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Retail Security Suite

Retail Security Suite

Comprehensive AI solution tailored for the retail industry with public safety and business in mind

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With Scylla, retailers can now leverage AI and video surveillance technology to optimize their security systems, operational costs, and even marketing activities.

To cater to the needs of retail businesses, we developed the all-in-one Retail Suite that includes AI-powered functionality to help stores comply with COVID-19 protective measures, detect events of external theft and upgrade their security in parking areas. On top of that, we exclusively added a smart AI tool that allows to collect data on customers’ in-store behavior to help optimize business processes and marketing efforts.

Scylla occupancy monitoring

COVID-19 compliance functionality

Includes social distancing monitoring, real-time people counting and face mask usage detection

Scylla shoplifting monitoring dashboard

Loss prevention and external theft detection

In real-time identifies and detects suspicious behavior that can result in shoplifting

Scylla Parking area monitoring dashboard

Parking area safety

AI video analytics triggers alerts to security staff if there is any violation in no-parking areas and loitering

Retail security upgrade

Upgrade your in-store business processes

Scylla Retail Suite exclusively includes the next-gen AI tool that collects data on your customer roadmap, service time and popular products for your effective merchandise planning. We use face recognition functionality to collect data on your visitors’ age and gender to create heatmaps and retail traffic analysis.

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Optimize business processes
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Get customer insights
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Increase efficiency of merchandise planning
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