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Preventive Threat Detection

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From 2013 to 2019 the frequency of mass shootings increased by 65 percent. Gun and object detection are at the core of Preventive threat awareness and identification. Scylla’s Preventive Threat Detection (PTD) through Gun and Object Detection actively identifies and detects objects and patterns that are potential threats. Scylla utilizes your existing security infrastructure and transforms it to a proactive security system searching for potential threats. Our proprietary object detection and classification engine strengthens your current security posture and provides stronger awareness of threats to your environment.

Scylla runs on your on-premise security servers and with your existing high-definition cameras. Scylla silently observes and collects the images and data from your stationary or drone cameras to identify threats.

As Scylla observes your video stream, once a suspicious object is detected and identified an alert will be raised and escalated to your security staff or personnel.

The alarm and detection process are initiated. Scylla’s threat detection dashboard will open showing statistical metrics enhancing intelligence on the current threat.

Scylla's proprietary Smart Decision-Making algorithm “Charon” will notify the security personnel about the potential threat and will request a distribution of alerts via mobile and web to additional authorities.

Scylla's Preventive Threat Detection system identifies and detects a wide range of objects from your current security cameras, including the following types of objects:

  • Gun
  • Knife
  • Shotgun
  • Mask
  • Helmet
  • Vehicle
  • Human
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