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With Scylla, retailers can now leverage AI and video surveillance technology to optimize their security systems, operational costs and even marketing efforts.

Scylla AI is the go-to technology for those looking for effective security measures for loss prevention and against external theft. It allows retail businesses identify and detect a variety of events in real-time related to

  • Shoplifting
  • Vandalism
  • Self-checkout scan avoidance

Scylla Retail Suite exclusively supports heatmaps and demand prediction for retail where we use face recognition functionality to collect data on age and gender of your visitors.

To help retailers operate successfully and comply with COVID-19 protective measures, our solution also includes such powerful features as social distancing detection, real-time people counting and opportunity to set up configurable zones for counting density and your custom occupancy threshold.

Our clients choose Scylla AI because

    • it works with video chunks increasing accuracy and enabling behavior
    • it detects a wide range of events and accidents
    • our AI surveillance tech can be seamlessly integrated with most cameras and VMS systems
    • we have much lower hardware expectations compared to our competitors

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