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Improving Surveillance Operations:
Revolutionary Partnership between
Zennikkei and SEQSENSE

Improving Surveillance Operations: Revolutionary Partnership between Zennikkei and SEQSENSE

JAPAN - September 29, 2023 - After successfully integrating the powerful Scylla AI image analysis software with the innovative robot "SQ-2”, Zennikkei and SEQSENSE today announced an exciting collaboration that is set to bring a new era of security services.

“In the past, the task of reviewing the vast amount of footage captured by security robots seemed overwhelming. However, thanks to our advanced collaboration, Scylla can now analyze footage in real time and send an alert only when an anomaly is detected. This revolutionary system not only reduces the workload for security operators but also enhances their operational efficiency. We are confident that this advanced initiative will set a new standard in the security industry, providing an effective solution to the current labor shortage.”

Scylla is an advanced solution for behavior analysis and image analysis that utilizes the latest modular AI technology. Unlike traditional AI object detection systems that rely on fixed cameras for accuracy, Scylla employs cutting-edge algorithms to perform precise image analysis even in dynamic environments. It can detect behavioral anomalies and objects in real time, identifying 15 different types of threats, including violence, vandalism, and suspicious shopping behavior that could lead to shoplifting. Scylla is also capable of detecting guns, objects, and individuals, while implementing highly effective face recognition.

What is "SQ-2"?

"SQ-2" is an innovative autonomous mobile security robot that utilizes cutting-edge technologies like 3D sensor technology, self-position estimation, and real-time route planning. Equipped with a proprietary 3D LiDAR sensor, it offers an unparalleled wide viewing angle, allowing for detailed three-dimensional mapping of the security target and the ability to detect obstacles on the floor. It can accurately identify and track moving objects, such as pedestrians, and monitor changes in the environment. By leveraging the sensing results for self-position estimation and route planning, it can navigate repeatedly and reliably while avoiding any contact with people or obstacles.

System Collaboration

During patrols, SQ-2 transmits captured images to Scylla for real-time analysis. Scylla actively monitors for any abnormalities while in motion, including violence and destruction detection. Moreover, by utilizing Scylla's Abandoned Object Detection and Facial Recognition algorithms, the system scans surveillance camera footage to identify individuals who have left their bags and other belongings unattended. Once the system locates the person, the robot will trail them and kindly inquire, "Did you accidentally leave your bag behind?" By integrating such systems, we enable systems and robots to seamlessly replace the tasks typically performed by humans, such as searching, discovering, pursuing, and calling out.


SEQSENSE's primary goal is to address the growing labor shortage by developing, manufacturing, and offering services for autonomous mobile robots. We are currently focused on delivering services through our cutting-edge autonomous mobile security robot, "SQ-2". Since the inception of our service in 2019, we have successfully provided our services at around 40 security sites in office buildings and commercial facilities throughout Japan. Our robot is fully operational and ready to tackle any security challenges.

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Zennikkei Co., Ltd.

Zennikkei is a leading security company specializing in corporate and personal security, truck transportation, building maintenance, cleaning, and the management of machinery and equipment. Additionally, we are actively involved in domestic sales and import/export of state-of-the-art security equipment and systems. As a company, our primary focus is to take Scylla to more customers in Japan, an advanced AI image and behavior analysis solution that enables real-time threat detection. This innovative technology will significantly enhance the sophistication of our security services.

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