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Modernizing School Security. Augment Existing Cameras with AI.

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School shootings are becoming far too regular, and so nationally, the question has become: how can we prevent school shootings? There are countless suggestions and ideas, but there’s at least one clear answer – we need to modernize school security to prevent gun violence. One way schools can do that is through AI-powered gun detection technology like Scylla.

Track All Violence Within the School

Scylla works as a piece of software that detects, identifies, and reports directly to law enforcement every time a gun is drawn in a school. Being able to identify threats and contact authorities automatically can save minutes in response time, allowing police to arrive on the scene quicker.

In comparison to a human having to identify the threat and make the call to authorities, Scylla can potentially stop a school shooting before it even happens.

Detect When Guns are Drawn in the School

Scylla is able to hook into your existing security camera systems, and with the power of AI, analyze video streams for threats. It identifies suspects based on a wide range of factors, and with an accuracy of up to 99.95%. Biometrics is used for identification, and Scylla can even watch for known criminals, including most wanted subjects, sex offenders, missing persons, etc.

The AI is even able to recognize suspicious items, including unattended bags, cargo, and weapons. The con here is that Scylla can’t identify concealed weapons, but can identify the attributes of someone carrying a concealed weapon, or can instantly detect it when it’s drawn.

Track Active Shooter Movements in Real-time

Once a threat is identified, Scylla can keep tabs on the suspect throughout the security camera network, giving police and law enforcement real-time location information. With live streaming enabled — and thus instant detection — Scylla can transmit all of the most pertinent information to police, law enforcement, and even your school’s on-site security team.

Of course, one of the problems that schools have with the software is the cost. After all, school budgets are already under tight constraints, and there’s usually little room for any extras. Certainly, the Scylla software will cost something, but it’s a fairly affordable way to modernize school security since the AI is compatible with existing camera systems. Your school doesn’t need all-new hardware for this threat detection technology. The only requirement here is that your servers need to support GPU acceleration.

As an added bonus, with Scylla, you’ll likely see a significant reduction in security costs within the next couple of fiscal years.

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