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Rethinking Hospital Security. The Case for a Modern Preventive Threat Detection Solution

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Violence in hospitals is an epidemic in the United States. There are attacks or attempted violence against doctors, nurses, and health professionals nationwide. And this type of violence is not from random individuals, but are generally outbursts from patients or their families. Health professionals generally look at something like this as part of the job or “what they signed up for”; however, with violent outbursts only becoming more common, enough is enough. With new technologies in threat detection and prevention — such as AI software like Scylla — we can start to stop or reduce violence in hospitals worldwide.

Identify All Violence within Hospitals

Regular violent outbursts and gun violence in hospitals mean that medical institutions have to beef up hospital security. While that’s beneficial, the downside is that threat detection is often left to video cameras and the analysis of the naked eye. That leaves plenty of room for error, which means that hospitals are letting threats through the cracks.

With Scylla, your hospital doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Scylla AI surveillance can be seamlessly installed on your security servers and connect to your existing video management and security camera systems. Using a decision maker and two threat detection AI modules, Scylla is able to instantaneously detect weapons, intruders and violence throughout the hospital, and with far more accuracy than the naked eye.

Scylla is not only able to detect gunmen in the facility in real-time, but thanks to triangulation in the software’s algorithm, it can keep an accurate location no matter where a gunman moves in the facility.

Turn Scylla’s Live Stream analysis on, and use its AI assistant Charon to view threat probabilities on suspected individuals, and you’ll be able to all but eliminate violence at your facility. Scylla effectively tracks all types of violence, whether it be a fistfight, knives, or firearms.

Protect Hospital Personnel

Scylla can protect medical professionals and hospital staff by not only reducing the response time of security personnel but by identifying threats before they even happen. Scylla can only detect a weapon once it’s drawn, but it’s still able to detect a threat or gunman by analyzing suspicious behavior associated with gun violence.

Not only that, but Scylla can detect suspicious cargo, unattended bags, can track vehicles used by identified suspects, and can identify suspects and criminals associated with a list. To protect hospital personnel even further, you can use Scylla on drones to help apprehend criminals.

Health professionals generally look at something like this as part of the job.

Fall Detection Solution

As you can see, this modern preventive threat detection solution is a great way to prevent violence at your facility. However, it can also be used to monitor fragile patients. That said, the software is able to identify a fall and alert medical professionals.

Scylla can take detection a step further and even notify personnel when a patient tries to make a suicide attempt.

Scylla AI surveillance is not only able to help eliminate threats against the hospital and staff but can increase the life expectancy of patients. Whether it be violence, falls, or suicide attempts, “every second can play a decisive role in saving lives,” Scylla’s software says. And with its real-time detection, as opposed to relying on typically slow human response times, security or medical personnel can be all that quicker at responding to a situation.

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