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Top Physical Security Trends for Manufacturers to Focus on

Top Physical Security Trends for Manufacturers to Focus on

Physical security has always been a top concern at manufacturing units that are prone to a diverse set of security risks such as theft, violence, and now the COVID-19. If workplace violence sounds to many like a trivial issue, it is only because it has not received the kind of attention it deserves. As a matter of fact, assault is said to be the fourth leading cause of workplace deaths and must be taken seriously.

In 2019 alone, 20,870 assault-related injuries including 454 fatalities were reported and such occurrences can happen at any workplace and must be prevented. This is where the trouble begins because planning and implementing security protocols at a manufacturing unit can be overwhelming. It requires meticulous planning as a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration such as unit size, infrastructure, and operational model.

Moreover, the COVID-19 compliance restrictions need to be met because any lapse could straightaway lead to lawsuits and other legal charges being pressed for non-compliance. All of this has undoubtedly made physical security at manufacturing units more complex and intricate. Nevertheless, business leaders have no choice but to find solutions that allow them to operate in a secure manner. Therefore, we shall now discuss the latest physical security trends in the manufacturing landscape and also explore some innovative solutions.

Access Control Systems

Most businesses now rely on biometric access control systems due to the convenience and security they offer. Despite its many benefits, the use of biometric modalities such as fingerprint and palm print can be dangerous because they require direct contact with a biometric reader. Their very nature makes them difficult to maintain from a hygiene standpoint.

A viable solution would be a face recognition-based access control system because these provide contactless authentication with a high level of accuracy. In fact, the access control solution that Scylla offers can be of great help to businesses looking to augment their security infrastructure with touchless sign-in, access control systems, COVID-19 protective measures, physical threat detection in real-time and more powerful functionality. This is made possible by intensive training and advanced deep learning techniques that ensure greater precision of the AI-powered solutions.

Besides access control, Scylla can also be integrated with the employee records and deployed for real-time attendance control. This provides shift managers and unit supervisors with useful inputs.

COVID-19 Compliance

The manufacturing sector must now deal with the COVID-19 situation, which brings along two major challenges — threat detection and compliance. Although some manufacturing businesses are permitted to open up, they still need to comply with the precautionary guidelines imposed by the CDC, WHO, and other local authorities.

Therefore, businesses need an innovative solution that can perform thermal screening, face mask usage detection, social distancing monitoring and real-time occupancy monitoring. One such product is Scylla’s COVID-19 Compliance Suite that includes thermal scanning technology that works with thermal cameras for contactless skin temperature detection and also ensures compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines such as face mask usage and maintaining adequate social distance. Furthermore, it can be integrated with employee records to detect and report those who do not comply.

Notifications can be sent to the security personnel or managers through the mobile application or Scylla dashboard. As a matter of fact, Scylla is currently being used by renowned manufacturers like Daimler factories in the US to ensure COVID-19 compliance. Check out our case study with Legrand facilities to see how Scylla AI-powered physical threat detection solutions are deployed there to level up safety and meet COVID-19 protective measures.

Access control systems

Prevent Violence through Behavior Detection

As we have already discussed, it is critical for employers to prevent workplace assaults and that is only possible through real-time threat detection. Businesses can do this by connecting their existing camera infrastructure to the Scylla Anomaly Detection module and get real-time notifications in case of anomalous events and environments, such as smoke and fire.

This module is designed to detect and report anomalies such as signs of violence and other suspicious behavior from video streams in real-time, such as fight, slip & fall, and suspicious behavior that can result in shoplifting.

When such events are detected, the software shoots out notifications to the security personnel along with useful data that is essential to quickly analyze the situation and implement the right measures at the right time. This type of a security mechanism results in reduced cost, prompt and timely threat detection, and 24x7 monitoring.

Intrusion Detection System

Your security personnel can now be notified when an unauthorized individual or object enters your factory premises. As manufacturing units have expensive equipment, industrial know-how and stocks, there is a sheer need to restrict and monitor movement at all entry points. This requires an advanced Intrusion Detection System that can work effectively despite rough weather conditions and poor illumination. Scylla’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection makes use of an advanced AI engine that compensates for these adverse conditions and delivers superior precision compared to cameras with embedded algorithms.

You can use it to easily detect unauthorized individuals and even objects such as cars or other vehicles that come within the view of the camera connected to. Also, it acts as solid evidence while handing over the matter to the police or while claiming theft insurance.

Drone Surveillance

Large open and semi-open factories and industrial units can be effectively monitored using surveillance drones. However, this must be connected to a flexible and versatile threat detection system like Scylla, which works with drones and stationary cameras as well. This prevents the multiplicity of AI-based tools and creates a centralized physical security infrastructure.

Final Takeaway

Physical security at manufacturing units brings along several challenges because of the manner in which factories operate. As discussed, these are large facilities that work in multiple shifts, stock goods, and have heavy inflow and outflow of employees. As a result, monitoring individual employee behavior can be overwhelming for the management.

Particularly, in times when businesses are expected to enforce social distancing, mandatory masks, regular fever testing, and other safety norms. Since all of this requires constant monitoring, face recognition-based AI solutions evolved. If implemented strategically, these can solve many physical security concerns and enable optimal utilization of resources.

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