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Scylla Facial Recognition for Loss Prevention and KYC

Scylla Facial Recognition for Loss Prevention and KYC

Posted by Albert Stepanyan

Albert Stepanyan

President and CEO at Scylla AI

Hey tech enthusiasts! Let's explore the ever-evolving world of facial recognition technology. Thanks to advancements in AI video analytics and computing power, the technical side is making great progress. But there's much more to it to consider while choosing a facial recognition system. Some products on the market designed to identify potential threats, might not be easy to operate and are often not affordable for everyday users.

However, there's now a growing demand for simple yet effective tools that can be quickly set up in big enterprises and small businesses. Think about the retail industry, for example. Facial recognition technology can help stores better understand their customers' needs and preferences (KYC and user engagement) and offer timely discounts exactly when they're most valuable, thus improving the customer experience. Video analytics in retail can also be used to improve in store security and workplace safety and deal with such challenges as shoplifting and theft.

While designing the Scylla Facial Recognition system, apart from the accuracy and sensitivity of our modules, we always keep in mind functionality, a variety of business applications, and user-friendly interfaces. In the latest release, we've introduced a number of valuable features specifically designed for easy enrollment. It was a complex task that demanded advanced software capabilities. However, with these new additions, even smaller enterprises can effortlessly harness the power of Scylla’s facial recognition technology.

So, if you're looking to enhance your business operations or improve physical security, facial recognition technology is becoming more accessible and user-friendly than ever before!

New interface for increased convenience and enhanced functionality

This time besides the model accuracy we have decided to invest a lot of time in user interaction with the interface. We’ve made some exciting changes to the "History List" and “Alarm Panel”. One of the most noticeable is the fresh new design plus several tweaks to the layout of the “Person Details” cards, refining the way information is presented, bringing the users a smoother experience and faster performance. Trust me, it's a sight to behold! With this update, users now get more information right on the same screen, along with handy additional tools for managing the system. We've also added a nifty menu that provides quick access to editing a person's profile.

Dashboard search

Another fantastic new feature allows you to compare a video frame with a reference photo. In the Alarm Panel, you'll now find a photo that the face detector matched with the face found in the frame. Plus, we've also included the camera name and location right there for your convenience.

Dashboard alarm management

The editing form for person profiles has been improved with some new capabilities:

You can now effortlessly move individuals from one specialized list to another.

You have the option to add links to the description, such as linking to a CRM card.

You can select a primary photo for each person.

You can add unlimited number of custom labels and tags for each person, for better filtering and alarm management.

Managing your “Person lists“ has become a breeze thanks to the handy dropdown menu and new search filters. And here's the best part: you can now search for and view all known individuals in the system on a single page, without any pesky list divisions.

Dashboard alarm management

With these awesome updates, Scylla’s AI video analytics software is making it easier than ever to work with person lists and take your surveillance experience to the next level.

Unique visitors counting

In addition to the new list, we've also introduced a fresh report called "Unique Visitors", which makes it easier than ever to gather crucial visitor data and optimize your security measures. This report provides insights into the number of unique and new visitors on the premises, broken down by days and hours.

Unlike traditional systems that rely on line crossing, the Scylla Face Recognition system offers a unique approach to counting unique faces. With our latest update, you can explore the number of new visitors based on various demographic characteristics and age groups. This means you can gather valuable insights into the composition of your visitor base and better understand the age distribution among your audience.

Dashboard manage database

Easy setup

The facial recognition provided by Scylla can work on-premise on Asteria 2.0 boxes or on servers. The service can operate over the internet and is accessible through any mobile browser. You can receive email or push notifications about the arrival of visitors from your recognition lists.

The camera's matrix resolution should be chosen based on the distance at which you plan to recognize faces. Our engineers prepared convenient guidelines for face recognition installations.

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