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ITO R&D Farm Security Case Study South Africa

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ITO R&D required a robust threat detection system tailored for farm and community security. The rural security system needed to operate with slow Internet connection, conduct fast real-time threat identification and weapon detection. The main reason why Scylla AI was chosen is because its intrusion detection and firearm detection system allows to run rapid and more accurate threat identification, decrease response time and set up a flexible alerting system.


  • The need for a modern modular AI-powered threat detection system that can detect weapons.
  • Provide access to the system 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Overcome Internet connection issues.
  • Remove false positives when insects trigger motion sensors on cameras.
  • The need to move away from on-premise DVR and dedicated PC for storing video files.
  • Fast alerting system.
  • Ability to switch on warning lights when a threat is identified.
  • The need to reduce response time.


  • Scylla Object Detection system utilizes Artificial Intelligence for quick and accurate identification of sources of threats, including people, cars, wide variety of weapons, etc.
  • To overcome the problem with the slow Internet connection, and have faster response time, ITO R&D went with camera-embedded motion detection linked to Cloud FTP/SFTP backend server. Since photos are uploaded faster than video files, this sped up the analysis and cut down response time.
  • Uploading from IP- and 3G/4G trail cameras directly to the Cloud eliminated the need for the on-premise hardware like DVR and dedicated PCs.
  • Scylla developed a dedicated alarm dashboard that highlights the images with detected threats.
  • All IR lights on the cameras were switched off and installed away from the cameras to eliminate false motion detection by objects in proximity, such as dust particles and insects’ movements.
  • Alarms can be received by APP, dashboard and relay.

Customer Testimonial

Hennard du Plessis


Country: Cape Town, South Africa

Company/Organization: ITO Research and Development

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Scylla has a great team and professional people. Flexibility and the way they work are the main reasons why we are going to work with them long-term and on multiple projects. Scylla, the one that keep us safe.

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