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Raid Security South Africa

False Alarm Filtering Case Study

Raid Security South Africa


Our Partner Case Studies demonstrate the solutions and expertise of our partnership program paired with Scylla’s innovative AI-powered physical threat detection technology. Together with our partners, we aim to deliver value for our customers to perform today and transform for tomorrow, improve their situational awareness and apply a more proactive approach in their daily security operations. Discover how Raid Security, South Africa achieved 98% of false alarm reduction with Scylla new-gen AI physical threat detection technology.

Raid Security

Raid Risk Management “RAID“, South Africa is a professional security company that focuses on protecting life and property.

Its goal is to offer innovative and well-researched training, quality equipment, detailed threat analysis, guarding solutions, close personal protection, turnkey CCTV and access control solutions. Their operation leaders are sourced from former specialized law enforcement, military special forces, and technical backgrounds, handpicked for their expert skill sets.

They have various clients, ranging from supermarkets, shopping centers, commercial buildings, and residential accommodation estates to tertiary and educational institutions, retail, warehousing, and manufacturing.

IDS Alarm


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Like any growing business, RAID is constantly adding new clients and additional cameras to its control room. As a result, it was facing control room operator fatigue and a large number of false positives.
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RAID was looking for a solution that would optimize their operations and reduce the number of false alarms sent to their control room. After conducting a number of trials with other software providers, RAID found that Scylla false alarm filtering technology was working better than the other solutions for a much more reasonable price.
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With Scylla, the false alarm rate has been reduced by up to 98% across many instances. This has also prevented control room operator fatigue and reduced time to positively identify intruders or threats as the software is quick and cost-effective to scale. Benefits that RAID got from implementing Scylla false alarm filtering system:

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Increased operational efficiency in identifying positive alarms (perimeter intrusion detection and gun detection) as false alarms are filtered.
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Ability to better serve their retail customers with remote offsite abnormal shopping behavior detection this has created a new service offering that RAID can offer to their existing customers.
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The flexible vertical software architecture allows centralized processing, decentralized edge processing, or the combination of them, making security system upgrades possible for those customers who have limitations in their local infrastructure.

Customer testimonial

“Since implementing Scylla Raid has managed to see a 98% decrease in the number of false alarms received per day, this has significantly freed up resources and improved positive detection rates. Raid has noticed that operator efficiency also became higher due to the lower number of false alarms per day. Raid Security also plans to use Scylla on all future installations to continue building on the progress already made. Scylla utilizes state-of-the-art computer-vision-based technology with impressively high accuracy. Their false alarm filtering solution is the go-to solution for data centers, video monitoring companies and security businesses who have to monitor a wide variety of places and cameras at the same time.”

Tyrone Van Niekerk

Tyrone Van Niekerk


Country: South Africa

Company/Organization: Raid Security

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