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Scylla Gun Detection AI

A Comprehensive Solution To Detect Guns and Weapons Protecting Your Environment Against The Threat of Active Shooters

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Get the confidence your customers and employees need with Scylla’s proprietary, AI-powered threat detection solutions.

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From 2013 to 2019 the frequency of mass shootings increased by 65 percent. Gun and object detection are at the core of preventive threat awareness and identification. Scylla’s Preventive Threat Detection (PTD) through Gun and Object Detection actively identifies and detects objects and patterns that are potential threats.

How does Scylla Strengthen your Security and Surveillance?

Scylla utilizes your existing security infrastructure and transforms it to a proactive security system searching for potential threats. Our proprietary object detection and classification engine strengthens your current security posture and provides stronger awareness of threats to your environment.

Why Scylla?

Scylla is the enterprise security and surveillance platform utilizing proprietary software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to increase your level of security. No additional cameras are required. Your security team is stronger and more aware and can communicate with law enforcement. Scylla also saves your company more than $5,000 per camera.

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Customer success stories

Scylla Thermal Screening was deployed at various locations of Oman Airports in Oman. The objective was to run temperature checks at the entrance of the facility. The thermal scanning process was expected to be hassle-free, non-contact, and fast. The system was adjusted to the requested alerting/reporting flow.

The AI surveillance solution was developed to help prevent robberies in ATMs in service by Siete24. The challenge included not only AI-based 24/7 Scylla video content analysis agent but also Face Recognition based access control system that will eliminate identity-theft related robberies as well as cases when the access to ATM vault was forcefully taken. While the first part of the solution would alert the authorities the very second the violator is in the sight of an embedded camera with forbidden objects and/or performing suspicious acts, the second part would serve to eliminate the felony involving personnel that have access to ATM vaults.

The idea is to utilize cameras that have large scale overview on public areas for social rules violation detection enforced by COVID-19 pandemic. Cameras of UAVs, installed on helicopters as well as solid mounted on tall buildings surveying large open air areas are to be used for non-compliance detection. The corresponding alert is to be sent to relevant authorities to take preventive actions. People without facial masks (in places where face mask usage is mandatory in open air) as well as obeying social distancing rules are detected in real-time.

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