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Intrusion Detection System

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Identifying intruders is primary to all security integrators and providers. False positives or false alarms result in losing confidence in your systems with alert or noise fatigue. Scylla can eliminate 99% of false alarms by defining the object of interest for monitoring and focus on the zone of intrusion. High performance solutions are required for effective security and Scylla’s Intrusion Detection & Perimeter Protection System (IDS) is the answer.

Scylla uses real-time artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data collected from your security cameras. You are able to utilize our security dashboard to define the object or area of interest.

Data is collected from your cameras. Motion frames are received and are processed through our AI engine. Scylla reviews the frames and determines if an image contains a human or not. If the image also contains a visible face, Scylla can utilize facial recognition technology to identify the intruder.

Scylla includes an API that provides the ability to receive and analyze a batch of frames and respond with a detection status of “True” or “False” to reduce the number of false positives.

Scylla IDS includes a Social Distancing detection and alerting engine to monitor high-traffic areas. The social distancing engine will review and scan viewable areas to alert security personnel of occupants not adhering to social distancing policies.

  • Use Scylla IDS system for calculating people density
  • System for counting people in the region of interest
  • Real-time people counting and occupancy monitoring
  • Receive alerts if the maximum occupancy threshold is exceeded
  • There are configurable zones available of a camera for counting density
  • Fire alarm notification if a zone exceeds its density threshold
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