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Sterling Consulting Envigado

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The idea is to utilize cameras that have large scale overview on public areas for social rules violation detection enforced by COVID-19 pandemic. Cameras of UAVs, installed on helicopters as well as solid mounted on tall buildings surveying large open air areas are to be used for non-compliance detection. The corresponding alert is to be sent to relevant authorities to take preventive actions. People without facial masks (in places where face mask usage is mandatory in open air) as well as obeying social distancing rules are detected in real-time.


  • Detection of individuals who do not wear face masks.
  • Detection of social distance violation for a group of people.
  • Send alert with visual information on violation, time, location.
  • Bring corresponding CCTV streams on top of the others to raise awareness of surveying personnel.


  • Bring corresponding CCTV streams on top of the others to raise awareness of surveying personnel.
  • Scylla crowd management module was used to calculate social distancing.
  • Scylla dashboard and mobile apps used to send an alert to relevant personnel.
  • Scylla was integrated into the existing CCTV surveillance system to raise awareness by enlarging the streams where a violation has been detected to make it easier for security personnel to identify the violation and take appropriate actions.

Customer Testimonial

Nilson Ortiz

Managing Director Sterling Consulting Colombia

Your problem and Scylla’s solution

Within Scylla there are several types of video analytics such as: biometric facial recognition, reading and identification of vehicles through the plates, detection of the non-use of masks, social distancing and in addition to that, detection of firearms and knives. So, a person who walks through the territory without using a mask, is the system able to detect it, because in Envigado it’s forbidden to stay in public spaces without the use of a mask. Is it possible? It is indeed! The system analyzes the crowds in the scene and determines the people who do not have the mask, in which case, it generates an alert that is received at the monitoring center, so appropriate measures are taken.

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