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The Business Impacts of Threat Detection through Thermal Scanning

The Business Impacts of Threat Detection through Thermal Scanning

All companies and people are embarking on an uncharted journey towards a new normal together. The response to the pandemic was primarily reactive. Business leaders did not understand the impact. Organizations that have had to shutter their doors due to the pandemic are now looking at ways to protect themselves, their employees, their customers, from the new threats that are presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thermal screening is being explored as a way to detect potential virus carriers, as well as other threats affecting companies and people.

How to Reopen Safely?

Restarting and opening are not easy. There are new threats and safety concerns. Technology must be implemented. Airports, venues, and establishments have started to incorporate quick thermal scans of people to alleviate any concerns or possible threats from the possible spread of the virus. Thermal screening is one option that will play a key role in a safe reopening for organizations around the world. There are several symptoms of COVID-19, but an extreme and consistent fever is one known symptom of COVID-19.

Company procedures are changing too. All employees, and specifically safety teams, now have added duties for their day to day activities. Their priorities are to assist in containing the spread of the virus and to help find ways to continue the operations, protect customers, and to provide consistent and safe services. This is not an easy adjustment. There are several proposed solutions and safety measures. The implementation of thermal scanning is core to businesses progressing in this new world.

Scylla Thermal Scanner

The Scylla Threat Detection AI, more specifically the Thermal Scanner System, is a technology that is becoming increasingly popular as more organizations look for ways to slow the spread of the virus. A challenge presented with thermal screening is the number of infected persons that have this symptom. An estimated 12-15% of infected COVID-19 carriers have this symptom and it does not completely eradicate the threat. You can quickly identify a person’s temperature through Scylla. It is non-evasive. Scans in under one second. The solution can also be implemented to maintain social distancing measures. Before you choose to implement and employ thermal imaging systems, you should consider current and even future laws regulating technology use.

First, under the Americans With Disabilities Act (and similar state laws within the US), measuring the body temperature of an employee is considered a medical examination and thus is subject to certain limitations. Along these lines, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the United States recently approved checking temperatures of employees and even suspending job offers to individuals who have a temperature in excess of 100.4 degrees. The EEOC justifies the use of such measurements now because of the “direct threat” of COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic. The use of thermal scanning systems is not full proof, nor is it without its challenges. Some individuals may choose not to give the authorization to perform the scan. Some scanners may not provide accurate readings. Performing thermal screening can also become an additional burden on an employee doing their job....which now includes maintaining public safety.

No contact thermal scanning

The Future of Work

The world has changed. Thermal screening is going to be a regular method used by companies. The pandemic is anticipated to be present for the next several quarters and maybe future years. Scylla has developed technology that can alleviate the challenges presented by having to urgently accommodate threat detection measures through thermal screening. Scylla’s solutions can be implemented through your current thermal cameras and your regular security procedures and technology. By implementing threat detection measures utilizing Scylla’s technology, you do not have to purchase handheld thermal scanners that are unverified or possibly avert the current health and safety requirements by not scanning at all. It is much easier and simplistic to monitor compliance with protective measures such as thermal scanning, social distancing monitoring, face mask usage, emergency contact tracing, and occupancy monitoring through the comprehensive Scylla COVID-19 Compliance Suite.

The adjustments due to the pandemic, along with the ever-present previous threats, are resulting in companies having to evaluate their plan to address each challenge. Companies should begin to regularly address a full risk assessment for their business, employees, and customers and Scylla is available to assist your company move forward with its protection technology.

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