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Every Second Matters.
Saving Crucial Minutes in Active Shooter Response

Every Second Matters. Saving Crucial Minutes in Active Shooter Response

Anyone will tell you — gun violence is a big problem worldwide. Churches, schools, venues, shopping centers; mass shootings and violence are everywhere, and becoming a whole lot more common as time goes by. Unfortunately, even now, there’s little being done as far as active shooting prevention goes, at least in private institutions.

A large problem with increasing violence on the business side of the spectrum — customers, patrons and visitors become scared of these venues, decreasing their willingness to purchase a ticket or concessions, ultimately hurting your business profits and health.

Venues and organizations are beefing up security personnel, but that adds significant cost to budgets, and you still leave room for human error and slow response times. This is where Scylla, preventive threat detection software based on AI, comes in.

Track All Violence Within Venues

Scylla AI surveillance is a piece of software installed on your security servers. Once up and running, it’s able to run its active shooting detection 24/7. It’s not only able to instantly recognize violence but is able to pick up on suspicious behavior that leads up to a shooting.

Hooking into your existing security system, Scylla is able to track gun violence all throughout the venue, even in blind spots where personnel typically wouldn’t be able to see. With Scylla, venues stay safer and significantly reduce response times typically associated with human personnel.

Identifying Threats & Alerting Personnel

Human personnel can only cover so much ground in your venue. With Scylla treat detection AI, you don’t have to worry about human error or slow response times. Scylla is always watching, and can instantly identify threats — whether that be active gun violence or common behaviors leading up to that.

Running on your local security servers — with stationary or drone cameras — Scylla is able to constantly monitor for threats. Once it detects suspicious behavior, Scylla is able to instantly notify personnel and authorities of the threat, along with identifying information. First, it sends a notification to the operator, and with operator approval, will then distribute that threat through proper security and web channels.

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Data Analysis: Enrich and Augment Your Security Operation

Upon real-time threat and intrusion detection, Scylla AI surveillance technology will open up a statistics dashboard to give you and personnel better information on the threat. You’ll be able to look at information like priority levels, find the probability of a weapon, and even probability of violence.

This real-time information allows your security personnel to create an informed and accurate response to whatever the situation may be.

Either way, with Scylla, you’re increasing the speed and efficiency of threat detections. What would take humans minutes to decode and respond to, takes Scylla seconds. That saves precious moments in a dangerous situation, and gets you that much closer and quicker to having law enforcement on scene.

Ultimately, Scylla provides you with quicker and more efficient threat and intrusion detection, but it also allows you to cut security costs in a couple of ways. Since the software installs on existing security servers and cameras, you don’t have to purchase any new equipment. It works with existing systems. On top of that, you don’t need nearly as much security personnel with Scylla installed as well, allowing you to reduce labor costs.

Scylla can transform your venue’s security and save you money. Not only does Scylla help you put the safety of your customers and patrons first, but helps you increase business health through profit maximization at the same time.

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