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Revolutionizing School Safety:
The Synergy of Scylla AI and Konica Minolta

Revolutionizing School Safety: The Synergy of Scylla AI and Konica Minolta

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Konica Minolta

In partnership with Konica Minolta and ASPP PRO

Posted by Sandra Krager

Sandra Krager

Chief Visionary Officer at Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC

Contributor: Chris Grollneck, Managing Principal at Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC

In response to the increasing global concerns surrounding gun violence and the unfortunate rise in active shooter incidents within educational institutions, the demand for innovative safety solutions has never been more urgent. This blog delves into the transformative collaboration between Scylla AI and Konica Minolta Business Solutions, USA, Inc. (Konica Minolta), two industry leaders uniting to address the pressing issue of active shooter incidents in schools.

Gun Violence: A Pervasive Global Challenge

The pervasive nature of gun violence worldwide, even in regions with strict weapon bans, underscores the severity of the issue. In the United States, daily threats to K-12 schools and higher education persist, with the problem extending beyond classrooms to outdoor spaces like parking lots and sports events.

The Dynamic Partnership: Scylla AI and Konica Minolta

A promising solution to enhance school safety emerges through the collaboration between Scylla AI and Konica Minolta. Leveraging Scylla AI's expertise in gun detection technology, this partnership aims to bring innovation to schools across the United States.

Proactive Gun Detection with Scylla AI

Scylla AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to achieve precise firearm detection, surpassing conventional security measures such as metal detectors. The focus is on proactive solutions capable of identifying potential threats before they escalate into active shooter situations.

Timely Alerts for Swift Response

Upon detecting a firearm, an immediate alert can be sent to a security team, a resource officer, to first responders or to an entire campus. These timely alerts play a crucial role in guiding individuals to safety and facilitating swift action by first responders.

Actionable Intelligence for First Responders

The alerts provide actionable intelligence for first responders, offering critical details such as the type of firearm, the number of shooters, and physical descriptions of suspects. This wealth of information significantly reduces response time, ultimately saving lives.

Benchmarking Success with Konica Minolta

The collaboration undergoes official benchmarking, showcasing a high-functioning, market-tested AI model. The elimination of human-in-the-loop verification ensures sensitive information remains within school data centers, with no detection latency that could compromise safety.

Real-World Testing and Distraction Capabilities

The importance of real-world testing is highlighted, addressing challenges like adversarial attacks, frame drop, video stabilization, and proprietary streaming—all managed in-house. The technology's capability to create distractions proves promising, diverting potential shooters' attention and making a critical difference in saving lives both indoors and outdoors.

Expanding Impact Across Sectors

Scylla AI's commitment extends beyond schools to various sectors, including healthcare, sports arenas, and even safeguarding forests from wildfires. The technology aims to make a tangible impact on safety across diverse environments.

Konica Minolta's Visible Weapon Detection Platform

In addition to Scylla AI's advancements, Konica Minolta introduces REACT Visible Weapon Detection platform, utilizing advanced imaging technologies to identify and detect visible weapons in public spaces. This platform adds an extra layer of security, addressing potential threats related to the presence of firearms or dangerous objects.

Chris Grollnek's Interview on UNLV Active Shooter Event

Highlighting the urgency of addressing active shooter incidents, Chris Grollnek's recent interview with Joe Piscapo sheds light on the UNLV active shooter event on December 7, resulting in three tragic fatalities. This unfortunate incident emphasizes the critical need for comprehensive safety measures in educational institutions.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Scylla AI and Konica Minolta, coupled with the introduction of the Visible Weapons Detection platform, paints a promising picture for the future of school safety. The innovative technologies, combined with a shared commitment to eradicating gun violence, offer hope for creating safer educational environments. The urgency underscored by recent events further emphasizes the importance of proactive measures and collaborative solutions.

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